[mapguide-internals] Drupal vs Trac

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Mon Feb 12 13:08:16 EST 2007

OK thanks Frank and Jason, makes perfect sense. In fact that was my 
original intention when I coined the Trac instance "MapGuide Internals".

Then of course I starting out-thinking myself :)


Jason Birch wrote:
> I'd prefer that the content related to development (RFC's, Bug
> submission guidelines, etc) be maintained on the Trac site and linked to
> directly from the Drupal menus.
> I see the same kind of functional break between the sites that Frank
> notes.  My main problem with moving the content to Drupal is that it
> breaks the "integratedness" of using Trac as a development tool.  Users
> that come to the Trac site would have to go back to Drupal to read bug
> submission guidelines, and then come back again to Trac.
> Jason
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> Anyone have any thoughts as to what content should go into the Trac Wiki
> vs Drupal? I currently have the Bug Submission guidelines on the Trac
> Wiki and we have been moving RFCs there. However all of this could be
> Drupal content, which might make it all a bit more integrated into the
> main site, common search functions, etc.
> Another consideration is that under Drupal the content can be localized,
> not sure this is true under Trac. I don't see us localizing RFCs, but
> the bug submission guidelines probably should be.
> Bob
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