[mapguide-internals] DWF from MapGuide OS doesn't work in AutoCAD?

Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
Tue Feb 13 05:17:21 EST 2007

EPlots generated using MapGuide use version 6.01 of the Whip toolkit.
This version introduces some opcodes used explicitly by MapGuide.

In the case where AutoCAD doesn't import this DWF I see two
- the version of AutoCAD is old and doesn't support this version of DWF
/ Whip
- the version of AutoCAD is newer, but hasn't been updated to handle
these MapGuide-specific opcodes

I know that if your map has labels or constant-size point symbols then
the generated EPlot will contain some of these new opcodes.  Have the
user try turning off all labeling and change all point layers to use
"Map space" size context, and then generate an updated EPlot.  Maybe
AutoCAD will then be able to load it.


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You're talking about an ePlot generated with MgMapPlot?
What version of AutoCAD is being used?
What do you mean by Import?  I think (but could easily be wrong) that
DWFs are only available as reference layers in AutoCAD.
Care to post a sample?

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AutoCAD ?

Hi, I've got a client who is reporting that a DWF generated by MGOS 
works with the DWF viewer but won't import into AutoCAD.  Is this a 
known issue?  A problem with MapGuide?  I suspect that AutoCAD just 
hasn't been updated to work with the DWF version being spit out by 
MGOS or something like that but would like confirmation ...



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