[mapguide-internals] RFC 14(CartographicStylizationEngine)comments

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Feb 15 14:52:07 EST 2007

I agree about not mixing UI and data model, except that you do need to
keep in mind the needs of the users in both phases.  If the data model
does not meet the user's needs then you're setting yourself up for a
huge redesign :)

>From a practical viewpoint, I need to be able specify symbols that
retain their size on the screen, independent of the current view scale.
This is typically done in conjunction with fixed size symbols.  For
instance, at scales from 1-2500, use a fixed size in ground units, and
from there on up, keep the symbol at a fixed size in screen units.

If you take away the ability to specify symbols in screen size, then I
have to set up (hundreds?) of scale-dependant renderings for these

This applies to:  point symbols, line symbols, and area fill and border


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Ha! Now you touch one of the things I think are part of the deadly sins
of software: Mixing UI and data model design ...

So I suggest we focus on specifying maps in real units instead of in
pixel. This will make sure your maps will be legible on all devices
going forward and not just the current configuration you use to set it
up on. 

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