[mapguide-internals] Google Summer of Code?

Trevor Wekel trevor.wekel at autodesk.com
Fri Feb 16 11:39:04 EST 2007

Hi Jason,

Microsoft and Apache are actively working on FastCGI support.  We could
develop custom modules but since the web server vendors are moving to
support FastCGI, I think it makes sense to stay with FastCGI.  It may
also be worthwhile to see if there are any updated FastCGI client
libraries available.  The FastCGI libraries from fastcgi.com have not
been actively maintained for 3 years.  Here's a couple of links on
IIS/Apache support:



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Is there anything that we'd want a student to work on?
I know that Mateusz is currently a student :)
A few things that I can think of:
- Expanded platform support; 64bit, OS X, other Linii
- Command line tools for FDO
- Web Studio enhancements (raster and other FDO, weblayout)
- Enhanced KML support
- TMS (tile map service) reflector
- GeoRSS "service" (could be PHP for now)
- FastCGI reliability enhancements (maybe a different solution -
mod_mapguide, isapi_mapguide, etc)
- Website enhancements for community input (tutorials, code examples,
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