[mapguide-internals] Updated MapGuide RFC 14 - Cartographic Stylization Engine

Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
Mon Feb 19 21:30:34 EST 2007

Hi Folks,

I've updated the stylization RFC with version 5 of the schema.  This
version addresses feedback we've received, and adds some missing
functionality.  Here's a list of all the schema changes that have been

*	Removed enums from text alignment properties - they're now just
plain strings so that expressions / parameters can be used.

*	Fixed the list of vertical alignment options to match what we

*	Removed the use of "px" everywhere.  Updated the documentation
for all properties of type length to indicate "in mm".  Also updated the
documentation for all angle properties to indicate "in degrees".

*	Updated the SymbolName element in SymbolInstanceType.  It's been
replaced by a choice of either an inlined SymbolDefinition or a
SymbolReference.  This allows us to define simple line or fill styles
for polygons without creating symbol resources in the resource service.
Note that this requires the MDF_Changes schema to now include the
Symbolization schema.

*	Added an optional LineWeightContext element to Path which
specifies whether the line weight is with respect to the map or the
user's display device.

*	Renamed the ParameterName element in the SymbolInstance's
ParameterOverrides section to ParameterIdentifier.  This makes it
consistent with the ParameterDefinition element.

*	Updated how labels work with CompositeRule
*	Changes to SymbolInstance:
*	removed the OverpostMode and AllowOverpost elements - these were
*	added a DrawLast element - this specifies whether the symbol is
drawn as part of a final rendering pass
*	added a CheckExclusionRegion element - this specifies whether
the symbol checks if it overlaps the exclusion region before rendering
*	added an AddToExclusionRegion element - this specifies if the
graphical extent of the rendered symbol gets added to the exclusion
			[The names of these new elements could still be
*	Removed the Labels element from CompositeSymbolization.
Labeling behavior is now defined using the new SymbolInstance elements
(e.g. set DrawLast / CheckExclusionRegion / AddToExclusionRegion all to

*	Replaced the single Graphics element in SimpleSymbolDefinition
with a set of GraphicElement elements.  Each GraphicElement contains the
graphic (choice of Path, Image, or Text) and any hints for that graphic.

*	Added an optional ResizeBox element to SimpleSymbolDefinition.
The ResizeBox has sub-elements which specify its initial position and
size, and its grow behavior.  The growth can be limited to just X or Y,
or both X / Y with or without maintaining aspect ratio.

*	Added a ResizeControl hint to GraphicElement.  This hint
determines how the element interacts with the resize box.  There are
three possibilities:
*	it contributes its extent to the resize box but does not react
to a resize box change
*	it resizes and repositions in response to a resize box change
*	it has no interaction with the resize box

	These last two changes provide support for auto-resizing

The existing RFC examples have been updated to reflect the new schema.
I also added another example showing how to define an auto-resizing


With this update I think we're now just about ready to make this RFC
public and ask for official approval.

As usual, please respond to the list with any feedback.


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