[mapguide-internals] MapTips fail when properties have null values?

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Feb 20 11:08:51 EST 2007

I can't say that I have much insight into why this is happening.

This does mirror expected functionality in most DBMS systems, so it's
not necessarily a bad thing, but these systems also provide functions to
work around the null values, such as NVL, ISNULL, etc...


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Hi all ... I filed this as an issue in Trac but I haven't seen any
comments on it :) Maptips fail to appear when the expression references
a property that is null for the current feature. Another feature that
does not have null values in the properties will produce a map tip.

Is this behaviour by design or a potential bug? Is there a way to work
around null values in the data by replacing them with an empty string?

Trac ticket is:


I'm not looking for resolution, just a quick answer on whether this is
by design, a potential bug, or a configuration problem.



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