[mapguide-internals] Navigation Update

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Mon Mar 5 22:01:56 EST 2007

I have started the site navigation update, so bear with me for a bit as 
I am doing it mostly after hours. All changes are based on duplicating 
content, so I wont break anything (famous last words). What's new so far:

Three Primary Links: Home, Download, and Internals.

Download has the old content with a slightly streamlined structure. 
Internals links to Trac. In addition the Navigation menu shows up in the 
left side bar with same structure. I really hate the behavior of the 
Navigation menu, but i have not figured out a better scheme for the left 
nav yet that supports the "Home >> Downloads >> You are here" thingy at 
the top of the content.

Note that Trac has the same three links in it's header and I'll keep 
these in sync as I add more Primary Links in Drupal.

Anyway, early feedback is welcome and appreciated before I spend more 
time adding additional tabs.


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