[mapguide-internals] Request for submission

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Mar 26 08:23:04 EDT 2007

I personally think all patches should be filed as enhancements and  
all discussion related to the patch should take place in the ticket  
so that everything related to that issue is in one place and can  
easily be found.

This is what we have done in the past and it is very effective, no  
information is lost.  The reason it works is because the default  
owner of new issues is a mailing list of people that are interested  
in new issues.  In this case, it would be very useful if new tickets  
could be assigned to a default owner that is, in effect, the mapguide- 
internals list.  While the issue is not reassigned, all discussion  
would be tracked in both the bug and on the list.  Once assigned  
(i.e. someone is going to do something about it), the mailing list  
user can be removed and anyone that is interested in following  
further can cc themselves to the bug.

One thing that I have found with the current setup is that bugs just  
seem to disappear when filed.  No-one else seems to get notified that  
a new bug was created etc.  Perhaps that's not the case?


On 25-Mar-07, at 11:22 PM, Robert Bray wrote:

> The only issue I see with that is that it will encourage discussion  
> within Trac and lessens the visibility of patches (only those  
> associated with the ticket will see it). This has a high potential  
> for patches getting lost.
> The first issue, discussion within the bug tracker is frowned upon  
> by some.
> As a solution, maybe the patch should be attached to the ticket and  
> an e-mail should be sent to this list notifying developers of it's  
> availability. Discussion of the patch could then take place on the  
> list rather than in Trac.
> Thoughts?
> Bob
> Andy Morsell wrote:
>> I agree that the patch files themselves do not belong in the  
>> mailing list
>> and should instead be in a centralized and organized place on the  
>> wiki Andy -----Original Message-----
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>> Folks,
>>  I know that the instructions say that patches should go to the  
>> mailing list,
>> but I'd really rather see these uploaded to the Trac Wiki attached to
>> enhancement tickets.  This would allow for more centralised  
>> management of
>> change requests.  Emails can then be sent to the list with a URL  
>> if desired.
>>  Thoughts?
>>  If not, we'll have to adjust the list to allow more attachments,  
>> something
>> that I'm not really all that enthusiastic about :)
>>  Jason
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>> Subject: [mapguide-internals] Request for submission
>> Hi,
>> I would like to submit this patch to update couple files in  
>> viewerfiles
>> folder for the Layerdefinition-1.0.0 to 1.1.0 change.
>> This update fixes problems with Buffer / Measure commands in the
>> viewersample applications.
>> Note: apply patch inside OS\Web\src\viewerfiles
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