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Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Mar 28 09:27:33 EDT 2007

Not that I'm trying to 'win' the argument ... this was my first  
suggestion (sent 26 mar 07)

"In this case, it would be very useful if new tickets could be  
assigned to a default owner that is, in effect, the mapguide- 
internals list.  While the issue is not reassigned, all discussion  
would be tracked in both the bug and on the list.  Once assigned  
(i.e. someone is going to do something about it), the mailing list  
user can be removed and anyone that is interested in following  
further can cc themselves to the bug."



On 28-Mar-07, at 8:52 AM, Daniel Morissette wrote:

> Paul Spencer wrote:
>> Um.  Wasn't that my original suggestion? Sure, go ahead, listen to  
>> him and not me! ;)
> Your suggestion was to "see all ticket traffic on the internals  
> list", presumably you meant adding the list in CC on *all* tickets  
> by default ... and mine was to only make the list the default  
> owner, which means that as soon as someone grabs a ticket the  
> traffic goes private. Small distinction, but one that has a  
> significant impact on the amount of traffic going to the list.   :)
> Daniel
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