[mapguide-internals] RFC 28 - Web Tier APIs for Fusion support-Ready for review

Chris Claydon chris.claydon at autodesk.com
Tue Sep 11 12:24:03 EDT 2007

The schema for the returned data is still not 100% finalized, and will
probably require a few further tweaks as the integration process
continues. However, it will contain a <ContainableBy> element for each
widget. This can be specified zero or more times to indicate support for
various container types such as "Toolbar", "ContextMenu" or "Any".

I'd like to get this RFC through the approval process as soon as
possible so that we can get these APIs in place and start to make use of
them in the development of the authoring applications for Fusion web
apps. This should help to determine the final schema.

I'll add the current working version of the schema to the RFC.


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Did my reply to this get lost?  Outlook is showing that I replied, but
maybe something went haywire, as I can't find my reply now.
What the heck did I say anyway...  
Oh, something about whether there was a relationship required between
the widgets and the containers?  Like... whether you would need to know
which widgets would be allowed in what containers.
I was wondering if this is what Type was supposed to be, but it's on
both the widgets and containers enumerations.


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MapGuide Open Source RFC 28 is now ready for review. It can be found at
the following location:


Please post any comments by replying to this mailing list.


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