[mapguide-internals] FDO 3.3.1 -> MGOS 2.0.1

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Apr 7 16:30:27 EDT 2008

That would be nice to see.  Some of the fixes to MapGuide since 2.0.0
are relatively important too (like WMS).  If 2.0.0 was released from the
tag created in r3041, this is the list:


If we don't include the additional providers, then we should at least
link to the FDO release page, with an explanation of how to extract the
providers from the Windows SDK (for Windows) and... do Linux users have
to download and compile themselves?

It would be really cool if we could wait on OpenLayers 2.6 release
(they're in RC right now, and have a very fast release process), and for
Fusion to do a release with 2.6 incorporated (not sure what the timeline
is for that).  2.6 enables (among other things) smooth panning and
zooming that really help with the user experience.  But this is probably
too big a change for a point release, and would stretch your desired
release timing too far :(

Is there any way that we could work to get the MapGuide MapGuide
templates into the Fusion SVN?  The proprietary (heh) templates make
pulling a new version of Fusion into MapGuide a bit more difficult than
it could be.


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Since FDO 3.3.1 has been released, we should put out a MGOS 2.0.1.

Right now I'm waiting to see if we can package the other providers (that
Kenneth enumerated for us) into the installers.  There has been some
emails internally at Autodesk about creating merge modules, but I
haven't seen anything lately; if I don't get anything in the next few
days, I think that we should just put MGOS 2.0.1 together and get it

Are there any Fusion fixes that we should try to get in?  I don't think
that there have been updates to it (in the MGOS vaults) since the
release of MGOS 2.0.0.


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