[mapguide-internals] RFC 49 parameter logging delimiters tweak

Zac Spitzer zac.spitzer at gmail.com
Sat Dec 27 00:53:50 EST 2008

Currently the delimiters for the parameters use a comma as the
delimiter between the options,
it makes parsing the parameters harder than neccesary as there are
often commas in the WKT

((-87.783866628374042 43.691398128787803, -87.676641873488435
43.691398128787803, -87.676641873488435 43.797520000480297,
-87.783866628374042 43.797520000480297, -87.783866628374042

Would it make sense to use a semi-colon instead, just to make parsing
this easier?

I am writing a up little php script which parses the Trace.log and
re-executes the
query for performance profiling

Enhancing the END entries by adding the BGN parameters and elapsed time, maybe
as level 4 would make the log files useful without pre-processing


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+61 405 847 168

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