[mapguide-internals] mapguide 2 trunk cmake patches and instructions - with links instead of patches

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Thu Oct 23 14:42:24 EDT 2008

On Quinta 23 Outubro 2008 16:30:12 Zac Spitzer wrote:
> Scanning dependencies of target MgFoundation
> [ 53%] Building CXX object
> Common/Foundation/CMakeFiles/MgFoundation.dir/FoundationBuild.cpp.o
> In file included from
> /home/zac/mapguide-2.0.2/Common/Foundation/Data/BatchPropertyCollection.cpp
>:18, from
> /home/zac/mapguide-2.0.2/Common/Foundation/FoundationBuild.cpp:21:
> /home/zac/mapguide-2.0.2/Common/Foundation/Foundation.h:46:27: error:
> ace/INET_Addr.h: No such file or directory

ACE library.
in Debian/Ubuntu is libace-dev

Seens like you get quicly how to play with the cmake Find* files, which 
considering two days only, makes me happy because we just exchanged 2 emails 

Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Project
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