[mapguide-internals] Problem with "Installing Sample Data and Sample Applications"

Tom Fukushima tom.fukushima at autodesk.com
Tue Sep 2 20:40:10 EDT 2008

Not sure what those errors are, but it looks like a server error to me...check the output window in your Visual Studio output window and the server error log (it will be in the logs subdirectory of the server executable).  There might be some information in there that is useful.

When you are running the server from VS ensure that you have put "test" as a command line argument for the executable.

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I´m installing a debug version of Mapguide 2.0.1 with FDO 3.3.1 on Windows Vista from source code.

I´m 'Installing Sample Data and Sample Applications' (document with the same name) and when I make image 1 the result is image 2 (paragraph 'Instructions for Loading the Sample Data on the Server'), the result of http://localhost/mapguide/phpviewersample/ajaxtiledviewersample.php is image 3 and the result of http://localhost/mapguide/phpviewersample/ajaxviewersample.php is image 4 (paragraph 'Setting up Sample Applications (PHP) with Apache'), Is everythong ok? Should not bring up a map instead of the whole orange background? Should interrogations appear beside the section of the layers (Islands, Hydrography, ...)? and finally the result of http://localhost/mapguide/webstudio/index.html is image 5,
Should not appear libraries Sheboygan in section 'Site Explorer'?

If you need other data, please contact me. Thank you very much.

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