[mapguide-internals] MapGuide open source builds

Trevor Wekel trevor.wekel at autodesk.com
Mon Sep 29 17:04:46 EDT 2008

Hello list,

Last week I offered up some hardware for the MapGuide open source builds.  Before provisioning the machine(s), I would like to get a discussion going on the toolsets we intend to use.  As far as I know, the builds at Autodesk use Visual Studio Team Edition, InstallShield, and BuildForge.  This is all commercial software so it may be costly to replicate the environment.

One possible alternative is to use Visual Studio Professional and CruiseControl.  Visual Studio Professional includes deployment projects for Windows installers which may be sufficient for the MapGuide builds.  Visual Studio Express Edition include "one touch" deployment which will not be sufficient for creating MapGuide installers.

In addition to the Windows builds, we may want to include RPM builds for select Linux distro(s).  Once we've got a bit of a discussion going, I will write up an RFC for the open source build process.


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