[mapguide-internals] sync'ing mg21 branch in fusion to trunk

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Fri Jul 3 16:17:45 EDT 2009


In general, I would be in favour of this approach.  I haven't seen anything committed to Fusion trunk that would destabilize our existing functionality (correct me if I'm wrong), and we may benefit from additional fixes and from developers spending time fixing bugs instead of managing merges.  And, as users have pointed out in the -users list, Fusion really needs a bit of work before it's usable with the current templates, and it hurts to release 2.1 with another "broken" version of Fusion.

I could use a confirmation that the 2.0 Sheboygan samples are good with the 2.1 templates; I keep wondering if some of the bugs are because of problems using the 2.0 application definitions with the 2.1 templates.

As a point of clarification, MG 2.1 beta is pulling from this branch:


I believe the other branch may have been used by Autodesk?


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Its been several months since we've done any work on Fusion and  
pushing it closer to a release ... no excuses, it just didn't happen : 
(  But I would like to start planning some work on Fusion to get it  
more stable and address some of the many issues logged in fusion trac,  
especially the ones that people have been kind enough to do the leg  
work on and propose fixes.

Right now, I think MapGuide 2.1 is pulling fusion from a branch called  
fusion2-mg21.  There are a few differences between this branch and the  
fusion-2.0 branch, and some of the mapguide-issues logged in mapguide  
and fusion trac could perhaps be addressed simply by switching to the  
2.0 branch.

Also, the other problem is that we have let the 2.0 branch languish  
and it is no longer quite relevant.  I am going to propose to the  
Fusion community that we more-or-less abandon the existing 2.0 beta  
release and sync with the current trunk version and try again.  This  
will mean more substantial changes and additions to 2.0 than would  
otherwise be acceptable once a beta version had been released ... but  
I think it is worth it for a couple of reasons:

* we obviously have limited attention from developers contributing to  
fusion and trying to make time to release an out-of-date package seems  
like a poor use of their time.

* there are some important changes in trunk like switching the client- 
side vector code over to use OpenLayers vectors that will further  
minimize the amount of maintenance we need to do while increasing  

* I think trunk is more stable than the 2.0 branch right now :)

Question: Will MapGuide 2.1 include the 'official' 2.0 branch of  
Fusion if we restart the release process for 2.0 from the current  
state of fusion trunk?

Feedback is welcome, of course.



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