[mapguide-internals] RE: Please review RFC 74

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Jul 7 13:54:09 EDT 2009

Hi Christine,

I'd be interested in seeing some details on how this is going to be implemented.  Does DbXML have some kind of relational system that allows you to just say "cascade references", or are you going to have to do a text based search/replace?  Will it be performed on both "external" resources, and the resources in the folder being renamed?  What will happen if you run into an unresolvable reference during the cascade (something that was broken during an earlier move?)

I'm guessing that there is no room for this in the current RFC, but it would be cool if this kind of attention could be paid to the Copy operation as well.  In some cases, you want resources to retain their original references during a folder copy, but in others you would want internal references updated to point to the new location.

For future RFCs, it would be cool if you could post the URLs when requesting review.


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Hi all,

     "RFC 74 - Move or rename resource avoid breaking links" is posted. Please review it.

Thanks & regards,

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