[mapguide-internals] RE: Refactoring Web .NET API into Common DLLs is ready for review.

Leaf Li leaf.li at autodesk.com
Thu Jun 25 20:38:46 EDT 2009

Thanks for you useful comments. I totally understand your concerns.

1. Yes. We didn't see people clamour to re-use the MapGuide APIs outside of MapGuide web apps. It is just because we didn't refactor Web API into some common dll and users can't do it outside of MapGuide. Through this RFC, people will be aware that they can use MapGuide API outside of MapGuide. Personally, I believe this RFC is just the first step.
2. I think some of open source projects can be beneficial from it such as FDO Toolbox. By the refactored API, FDO Toolbox can add more functionality easily such as geometry coordinate system transformation.
3. Actually there are already some projects and products which is trying to reuse MapGuide Web .NET API such as Map 3D. I think they can be beneficial from it.

Leaf Li

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