[mapguide-internals] About the WiX installer

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sat Mar 7 15:35:37 EST 2009

I believe that I can test on all of these; may take me a while to set up
the images.  

#360 should be do-able; maybe create an app pool called MapGuide2.1.
#361 would be harder because you would have to somehow enumerate the
websites, and the modify a custom UI to allow the user to set the
website property.  I would personally give both of these a pass for at
least the beta version of the installer.

It looks like for IIS7 (Vista/W2k8) we will need to use a custom action;
the built-in WiX stuff does not support IIS7 and it doesn't look like it
will for quite a while.  See this conversation:


For IIS6, here are some cool snippets:

BTW, Stack Overflow _rules_  Check out these WiX questions:


  I think we should adopt the "alias" method of referring to wixlib
directories; this is the part I was missing about making them modular.
This way the main project needs to know about the libraries, but not
vice versa...


  More IIS6 tips, including how to register IIS file extensions 


  I don't know if we need this for MapGuide (other than for REST
extension) but I'm going to find this useful personally.

BTW, Jackie, I think you're not using using the .bat files in
/Installer/Support/Paraffin?  If this is the case, these could be

To create custom UIs, WixEdit may be a good starting point:



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Sure, send whatever you have my way.

On the IIS front, I do not have access to a Windows Server 2003 or
Vista, so
I can only test for XP.

I can't test IIS7 support, nor can I find out if I can kill trac tickets
#360 and #361.

- Jackie

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