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Jackie Ng jumpinjackie at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 07:57:18 EDT 2009

Another (major) update:

I've implemented all the custom dialogs from the previous MGOS installer
with the exception of the (Typical/Custom) feature selection dialog which I
think is a bit superfluous.

I don't have a Windows Server 2003 or Vista box to test, but I've also
implemented dialogs specific to IIS6 and IIS7. I just need to make sure
those dialogs are displaying properly. They aren't showing on my XP box, so
they are 50% working correctly :-)

There is a small problem with these custom dialogs. I can't seem to force a
re-evaulation of feature conditions before the feature selection dialog is

What this means is that even if you select the IIS configuration
(MGWEB_CONFIG = "IIS"), it will not show the .net map viewer and won't
disable the Apache web server, becuase they are still evaluating against the
initial condition value (MGWEB_CONFIG = "APACHE"). I read something about
CostFinalize, but I don't know how to trigger this before the feature
selection dialog.

Any ideas here?

- Jackie

Jackie Ng wrote:
> I guess it's because I forgot to configure webconfig.ini
> Because now I can access the Site Administrator and invoke the map agent
> (with the expected http authentication dialogs) using the IIS
> configuration!
> Still no luck on the Apache side of things though.
> - Jackie
> Jackie Ng wrote:
>> Update time:
>> 1. I've added the IIS and IIS7 custom actions supplied by Autodesk. IIS7
>> custom actions has not been integrated into the installer yet.
>> 2. You should now be able to have an IIS-specific configuration and a
>> Apache-specific configuration. If you msiexec the installer from the
>> command-line setting MGWEB_CONFIG=IIS|APACHE, you should get certain
>> features enabled and disabled. eg. If MGWEB_CONFIG=IIS, the apache web
>> server will be disabled. This means we should now be able to toggle this
>> value (and the affected features) via a custom dialog (yet to be done).
>> 3. IIS configuration is slightly better than Apache. With IIS, php works
>> and the mapagent works, but only through mapagent.exe (ie.
>> http://localhost/mapguide/mapagent/mapagent.exe?OPERATION=...). The
>> isapi_mapagent.dll handler seems to be properly mapped, but does nothing.
>> I get login failed with Site Administrator.
>> 4. Fixed a small issue with php.ini, there was a bug in the templating of
>> the file, resulting in a bogus php extension path. Also the installer now
>> writes the PHP path to the registry so it now knows where to look for
>> php.ini
>> The pressing issues at hand:
>> 1. The mapagent. I can't find out if it works for Apache because it
>> cannot load mod_mgmapagent.so and it is only working in IIS if you are
>> using the executable (mapagent.exe) in your mapagent calls. 
>> I have a small theory about why it won't load on Apache. Maybe it is
>> because the mod_mgmapagent.so module was built with Visual Studio 2008,
>> but the Apache web server binaries may have been built with something
>> else? Would this make the apache module incompatible?
>> - Jackie

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