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Tom Fukushima tom.fukushima at autodesk.com
Wed Mar 11 18:37:27 EDT 2009

Hi Jackie,

I am using Apache2.2.4 with mod_mgmapagent.so (build using VS2008) without problems.  If you are using the same version of Apache it should also work.  

Make sure the following lines are in your httpd.conf, otherwise the module won't load:
LoadFile ../Php/php5ts.dll
LoadFile ../Php/ACE.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgFoundation.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgGeometry.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgHttpHandler.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgMapGuideCommon.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgMdfModel.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgMdfParser.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgPlatformBase.dll
LoadFile ../Php/MgWebApp.dll

Put these lines before the Dynamic Shared Object/LoadModule section.


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Update time:

1. I've added the IIS and IIS7 custom actions supplied by Autodesk. IIS7
custom actions has not been integrated into the installer yet.

2. You should now be able to have an IIS-specific configuration and a
Apache-specific configuration. If you msiexec the installer from the
command-line setting MGWEB_CONFIG=IIS|APACHE, you should get certain
features enabled and disabled. eg. If MGWEB_CONFIG=IIS, the apache web
server will be disabled. This means we should now be able to toggle this
value (and the affected features) via a custom dialog (yet to be done).

3. IIS configuration is slightly better than Apache. With IIS, php works and
the mapagent works, but only through mapagent.exe (ie.
http://localhost/mapguide/mapagent/mapagent.exe?OPERATION=...). The
isapi_mapagent.dll handler seems to be properly mapped, but does nothing. I
get login failed with Site Administrator.

4. Fixed a small issue with php.ini, there was a bug in the templating of
the file, resulting in a bogus php extension path. Also the installer now
writes the PHP path to the registry so it now knows where to look for

The pressing issues at hand:

1. The mapagent. I can't find out if it works for Apache because it cannot
load mod_mgmapagent.so and it is only working in IIS if you are using the
executable (mapagent.exe) in your mapagent calls. 

I have a small theory about why it won't load on Apache. Maybe it is because
the mod_mgmapagent.so module was built with Visual Studio 2008, but the
Apache web server binaries may have been built with something else? Would
this make the apache module incompatible?

- Jackie
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