[mapguide-internals] Serving WFS data from MapGuide

Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S ks at geograf.dk
Fri Mar 13 09:52:15 EDT 2009

When issuing the "GETCAPABILITIES" call for WFS on MapGuide, the 
following fragment is part of the response:
<Title>Building Outlines</Title>
<Abstract>Building Outlines.</Abstract>
<Keyword>Buildings, Outlines</Keyword>
<LatLongBoundingBox minx="-87.74" miny="43.68" maxx="-87.69" maxy="43.815"/>

The name is set to be "ns180401301:BuildingOutlines", where the prefix 
is some random number to prevent clashes, I presume.

When issuing the the "DESCRIBEFEATURETYPE" call for the above type, this 
fragment is part of the response:
<xs:schema xmlns:xs="..." xmlns:fdo="..." xmlns:gml="..." 
xmlns:SHP_Schema="..." elementFormDefault="qualified" 
  <xs:element name="BuildingOutlines" 
type="SHP_Schema:BuildingOutlinesType" abstract="false" 
    <xs:key name="BuildingOutlinesKey">
      <xs:selector xpath=".//BuildingOutlines"/>
      <xs:field xpath="Autogenerated_SDF_ID"/>

and so is this fragment:

 <xs:element name="Autogenerated_SDF_ID" fdo:readOnly="true" 
minOccurs="0" fdo:autogenerated="true">
      <xs:restriction base="fdo:int32"/>
      <xs:documentation>Autogenerated identity property</xs:documentation>

My questions are:
1) Why is the prefix not part of the name in the response?
2) Is the client supposed to guess that the prefix is dispensable and 
should be removed?
3) Why does the key have type "fdo:int32" instead of "xs:integer"?

Regards, Kenneth Skovhede, GEOGRAF A/S

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