[mapguide-internals] ServerRenderingService API bloated

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
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Hi UV,

Any "Service" APIs (MgRenderService, MgFeatureService, etc) which are marked
as PUBLISHED_API are automatically swigged to the three implementation
languages (PHP, .Net, Java).  This means any PUBLISHED_API is fair game for
application development.  As such, changes to these API must be managed by
deprecation and subsequent removal in a future release.  I don't know if
this applies to the refactoring work you are proposing.


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Thanks! I was wondering.....

I ended up not needing to change any functionality in the 
but had to comment a lot to make sense of it....
It would be a good moment to do a major refactoring session.
I believe the code in there can be made a lot more concise.
There seems to be a lot of code duplication due to even more default 
arguments than the ones mentioned before.....
I think this file is particularly worthwhile and makes me feel I did not 
waste those 2 days staring at 1400 lines C++ code for nothing.

Should I bother?
Will we find anyone for reviewing it.

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