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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Mar 23 18:58:30 EDT 2009

Is anyone else who is testing the 2.1 installer with IIS having difficulty creating a new DataConnection in Maestro?  In my case, it's crashing out the ISAPI handler, without any error messages other than connection closed.

Note, that for IIS7 install, you have to manually register the .json (application/json) MIME type, and probably convert mapviewerajax into an application in order to get previews working.  I haven't seen the ConfigurationException problem since I did that; not stating causality here though :)


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I've seen this too.  

On my W2k8 install, I did a full install, loaded the Sheboygan samples, then used Maestro to try and preview the Aqua template.  I believe that this message may come up because my repository is corrupted; the first couple times I was able to bring the server back up by deleting the dbxml repositories and restarting the server.  The last time, this didn't work; I kept getting the error message below.


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on a standard bundled install with this installer on xp sp3 I get

Configuration Exception: /webconfig.ini (twice)

from a mapagent request for a tile
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