[mapguide-internals] new projection in csmap

Hugues Wisniewski hugues.wisniewski at autodesk.com
Fri May 8 13:15:32 EDT 2009

Hi Jason,

This information has been taken into consideration
Thanks for bringing it up


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Actually, I'm not sure exactly what changed, but that code was deprecated by EPSG:3857 in the online-only 6.18.3 update.  You can see the new version online at:


(search by code for EPSG:3857)

Here's the GML version:

And of the change request that caused this:

It's not available on spatialreference.org yet because the database has only been "published" online.  I believe that if you register for that site you can download the entire dictionary in GML, but haven't been motivated to find out.

(thanks to Christopher Schmidt for these pointers)


From: Hugues Wisniewski [hugues.wisniewski at autodesk.com]
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For info, this system will soon be added to the CsMap coordinate system dictionaries.
If I'm not mistaken this the EPSG system 3785:

CsMap already has the logic to work with this system, that's why this WKT can be understood by CsMap and can work with MapGuide but in case one wants to directly with this system using the MgCoordinateSystem API and load it from the dictionaries, this is not possible at the time.

When the system will be added this will become possible.
I don't know yet when exactly this is going to happen. I'd say it's a question of weeks.
This will come with an EPSG update that is being under development on the CsMap project._______________________________________________
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