[mapguide-internals] MG Object stream serialization/deserialization

Haris Kurtagic haris at sl-king.com
Tue Nov 3 17:47:20 EST 2009

Hi ,


I have lot of problems while trying to communicate with different versions
of MapGuide. I am developing application which should communicate with MG
using MG common libraries: MapGuideCommon, PlatformBase,...


Problem is that I can't find two version of MG which will work one against
other and work equally.

For example I can't use MG OS Beta version from 2.1 branch
against current branch version. Also for example I can't use any of those
versions against MG Enterprise 2010. will halt MG Ent. 2010 while
current 2.1 branch will throw exception InvalidStreamHeader.


At least one of problems is that ClassDefinition in one version is
serializing SchemaName in another it is not. So those versions can't be used
one against each other.


I have two questions:


1.  I really can't' find consistency in our svn branches and trunk how and
when is changing how MG objects are serialized/desterilized. I hope somebody
can light me up little bit when/ why are this changes done.


2. We don't have any versioning of serialization process of objects. I think
that could be issue ( hopefully one day we could imagine farm of MapGuide's

    Can we add versions of objects to serialization process ?


I would appreciate any help/ideas how to solve this mess, how to have one
application communicating with different MG versions.


Thank you,


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