[mapguide-internals] Does the Select Within only work for polygon

Buddy Hu Buddy.Hu at autodesk.com
Sun Nov 29 21:07:32 EST 2009

Hi There,

I notice that, the Select within only works for polygon. If there are some other features (such as multipolygon, polyline) selected with polygon, there will be a 500 internal Server Error for selectwithin.php. If there are only multipolygon selected, everything will be cleared after I press the "Done" button.

I find a description about the "Select Within" in the AJAX Task list home page like this: After you have selected an area, such as a buffer or a polygon on the map, you can select certain features within that area.

So I want to know, does this Select Within function only work for polygon or buffer? Is this intended?
If it's no, I want to log a defect for this issue.

-Buddy Hu

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