[mapguide-internals] Some proposed corrections and extensions on php basic layout files

Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 12:03:47 EST 2010

Hi all,

we've customized and extended a little bit some php files used for basic layout.
All modifications are very trivial, so I'm wondering if they could be
evaluated for possible inclusion in future releases.
All attached unified diff files refer to <file>_20100226.php (the
original one) and <file>.php (the modified one).

I explain briefly the differences

File: mapviewerphp/layerdefinitionfactory.php
 - all path pointing to ../../viewerfiles should be corrected to ../viewerfiles
 - CreateAreaRule has been extended to accept two more parameters,
$strokeThickness and $strokeColor
 - CreateLineRule has been extended to accept one more parameter,
  The two last modifications require to modify accordingly also the
areaRule e lineRule templates (the following two files)

File: viewerfiles/linerule.templ
File: viewerfiles/arearule.templ
 - added the required %s instead of hardcoded values

File: mapviewerphp/legend.php
 - Added a null parameter in BuildClientSideTree invocation, in order
to avoid an annoying PHP notice "missing argument 7 in
BuildClientSideTree invocation"

File: viewerfiles/ajaxmappane.templ
 - legendHeight initial value of 250px is too small if the number of
layers is more than a few. We've changed to 500px, that leaves enough
space for properties on common screen resolutions.
 - we've extended the box in which symbol url data is retrieved from
2x2 to 5x5.
  In our experience, users often complained that they are not able to
click on symbols and this was usually due to very small cursor
misplacement. This modification eases point selections (even for
complex symbols whose "center" is not always obvious for users).
Finally, in our machines we've set
  var us = false;
in order to display meters instead of miles.
A true default value is ok, but it would be better, if possible, to
read this value from some config file.



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