[mapguide-internals] MapGuide 2.2 Beta Release Notes

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
Mon May 3 19:30:18 EDT 2010

Yes.  There are bunch of serverconfig.ini and webconfig.ini changes that should probably be documented.  Separate wiki pages for discussing serverconfig.ini and webconfig.ini are probably more appropriate.  We can use a "by version" setup similar to the HTTP docs for the Rendering Service.  I will probably start on this a bit later in the week.

But the real question is have been any "API" changes to the Viewer API and Fusion?  I've already pinged Jackie offline about RFC 71.  I expect the multi-select for Ajax has introduced some new APIs.  I don't know about Fusion though.  


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That's pretty comprehensive.  Should we pull in the web tier INI file
connection settings?  They're not technically new for 2.2, but I don't think
they were advertised with 2.1.


On 3 May 2010 13:10, Trevor Wekel wrote:

> I have started working on some release notes for the beta.  I am trying to
> document any API changes which our user base may be interested in.  I think
> I have most of the MapGuide RFCs for 2.2 covered.  Were there any API
> changes for Fusion or CS-Map?  Have I missed anything?
> http://trac.osgeo.org/mapguide/wiki/Release/2.2Beta/Notes
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