[mapguide-internals] Re: Participation in FOSS4G WMS Shoot-out

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Wed May 19 13:55:00 EDT 2010

Thanks for the answer Bruce.

So it seems that there is no technical reason stopping MapGuide from 
participating in the WMS Shoot-out. Of course there is the question of 
availability of resources which I fully appreciate since it's an issue 
for all of us.

The benchmarking team is already late on its schedule and needs formal 
answers/commitments from all teams ASAP. Could we get an official answer 
from the MapGuide Dev/PSC team? Everybody would love if MapGuide could 
join the fun, but if that's not possible then the benchmarking team 
would like to have an official answer that they can refer to when they 
have to explain in front of ~1,000 people why software A, B or C was not 

Thanks, and sorry for being persistent. I promise it's the last time I ask.


Bruce Dechant wrote:
> MapGuide supports WMS up to and including version 1.1.1
> Thanks,
> Bruce
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> Hi Jason,
> (Sorry for the late reply, I am subscribed to the list only in digest 
> mode and sometimes may miss some replies. If you CC me then I can reply 
> right away.)
> FYI SLD is not a requirement, as long as you configure your server to 
> use the specified styles (line width, colors, etc).
> Also, the tests use WMS version 1.1.1, and only with very basic GetMap 
> calls. Which version of WMS does MapGuide support?
> Daniel
> Jason Birch wrote:
>> I'd love to see this happen, but I don't think we have the resources to
>> dedicate to participating or to fixing any issues that were highlighted,
>> which would be even more important.
>> I have a feeling that this benchmark would expose considerable weaknesses in
>> MapGuide, some of which we care about (raster stability), others not so much
>> (shapefile performance), and things like our lack of SLD or newer WMS
>> version support may mean that we can't even participate even if we wanted
>> to.
>> Thoughts?
>> Jason
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