[mapguide-internals] MapGuide 2.2 RC1 build

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Sat Oct 2 03:30:58 EDT 2010

Install appears to have gone fairly clean so far on Win7 x64 / IIS / PHP.
 Nothing yet that's a showstopper that would make me hold back release.

Install completed without error and took all my customizations in stride.
Beautiful job on the installer guys.

Service started correctly.

MapAdmin loaded fine.

Was able to import a package no problems.

Tried to configure logging to rotate daily and got a weird
filename: Access_2010-10-1_af5c41f4-cdf0-11df-8000-0026185a93d9.log.  I
remember getting a weird string like this in the past when the server was
built debug, but I think it was somewhere in output rather than the log

In Edit Unmanaged, if I save an existing unmanaged alias, I get a blank
screen in Chrome and IE.

MapAgent loaded and operates correctly as far as I could test it.

Tried doing a "Schema Report" MapAgent test against the default
Library://Samples/Sheboygan/Data/RoadCenterLines.FeatureSource.  The
attribute preview worked fine, but the geometry preview just hung.  This
appears to be Chrome-specific.

Loaded Sheboygan sample data, everything I opened seemed to work without
major errors (odd that the fusion metric distance measure switched to
scientific notation at 3 digits though).

I ran into a few other glitches, but they're mostly Maestro related, and I
don't know if they're me-specific.

Tried creating a new flexible layout, couldn't check the "override initial
map extents" box.

Maestro 2.1.3 doesn't like the version number for MapGuide 2.2 yet.

Tried connecting using TCP/IP with Maestro and got an exception from
OSGeo.MapGuide.MapGuideApiPINVOKE.  Hand-typed: "The type initializer for
SWIGExceptionHelper threw an exception: Unable to load DLL
MapGuideUnmanagedAPI: The specified module could not be found."


On 1 October 2010 14:27, Trevor Wekel <trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have posted and done some very basic testing on the RC1 build
> http://download.osgeo.org/mapguide/releases/2.2.0/RC1.
> I was planning to make the official build announcement on Tuesday
> afternoon.  If anyone has a little time, please give it a whirl and let me
> know if anything is broken.
> For the Linux build, please use the FDO 3.5.0 RC2 binaries on
> http://download.osgeo.org/fdo/3.5.0/rc2/binaries/linux/.
> Here are the MD5 checksums for the files:
> 6963445187c8581e084132684057b004
> mapguideopensource-
> 806661a9d7c4a3209cff55340f1d171e MapGuideOpenSource-
> fd2ec9ffbccbbce57d4ef6cf71508f78 MapGuideOpenSource-
> Regards,
> Trevor
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