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Walt Welton-Lair walt.welton-lair at autodesk.com
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There's also a known problem where selecting too many features causes a stack overflow while objects are being cleaned up.  That will result in a leak.  I don't know what the actual selection count limit is before the stack overflow happens.  You can check your server error log to see if you ran into this problem - look for errors like the following:

Error: Problem:\nThe application encountered a problem and could not finish the operation you just requested properly.\n\nSolution:\nIf it\'s the first time you met this problem, try again or restart the application / session; otherwise, describe the steps to reproduce this problem to the server administrator for suggestions.
  - MgFeatureServiceHandler.ProcessOperation() line 83 file e:\mgdevos\server\src\services\feature\FeatureServiceHandler.cpp
  - MgOpSelectFeatures.Execute() line 109 file e:\mgdevos\server\src\services\feature\OpSelectFeatures.cpp
  - MgServerFeatureService.SelectFeatures() line 442 file e:\mgdevos\server\src\services\feature\ServerFeatureService.cpp	

You can get around the problem by reducing the RenderSelectionBatchSize setting in serverconfig.ini.  Again, I don't know what the actual limit is, so just try a low number like 1000.


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Hmm... The session repository does keep track of selection and it is memory based but you should see the memory footprint increasing and decreasing as you select and de-select.  Please note, doing a refresh on the browser window will create a new session.  Unused sessions should expire and get cleaned out after 20 minutes.

It could be related to FDO connections and/or MapGuide Server connections.  Each MapGuide Server and FDO connection does consume memory.  Here's an easy way to see if there are connections being consumed:

"netstat -ano" and count the number of connections on port 2811.  This is the number of client connections opened up on the MapGuide Server.  I would not expect more than 2 for each concurrent user (browser).


Select Feature Service.... GetFdoCacheInfo...

The number of FDO connections should reflect the data being used and the number of concurrent users.  You should not see more than one FDO connection to each data source for each user.

If you see anything weird, please let me know. 

(I hate memory leaks...)


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I have left a couple of very simple maps (one layer in each, one to KingOra
and one to SDF) open all day to check the "Keep Alive" - very nice...

What I have noticed though is that although I have not been panning /
zooming I have been selecting and de-selecting a lot (nice new multi-select
AJAX UI) and the MapGuide memory has been slowly but surely rising all

Nothing rigorous - just watching the Task Manager "Working Set" but it's
gone up 15MB with one user and not a lot of interaction.  When a big
selection is de-selected the memory drops but then increments again a moment
later.  Picking in "white space" also seems to not free properly.

Anyone else see anything like this?
Is it MapGuide or the providers?
I guess it could be multiple connections opening and not closing until the
session times out?

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