[mapguide-internals] additional http methods to support Ajax clients RFC

Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
Tue Jan 4 08:43:43 EST 2011

Hi Zac,

I am interested in this as well.  It would help reduce the dependency on .Net/Java/PHP for current and future viewers.

I have been working with OpenScales a fair bit over the last few months.  OpenScales is based on Adobe Flash/AIR and it shows potential as a platform for client side rendering.  The same ActionScript 3 code runs in a browser using Flash 10 and on an iPad using Objective-C translated from Actionscript 3 with the Adobe toolset.

(yes.. I do have an iPad on my desk..)

For browser plus Flash 10 deployments, it is possible to stick a javascript API on top of the ActionScript 3 code.  This should enable us to drop a client side rendering widget into our existing viewers.  For mobile devices, a pure ActionScript 3 implementation might be the easiest approach.

In any case, there will be additional HTTP apis needed to support client side rendering.  I wonder if we should start a conversation somewhere (maybe IRC)?  From your discussion, I am not 100% clear on your requirements from the short description below.

For tiling, I think a "top level" map definition should just reference a "tile set" map definition.  This is a minor schema change and should be a straightforward change for the viewers.  The "top level" and "tile set" maps will need to have the same coordinate system.  Different coordinate systems could be supported with client side raster reprojection.

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I'd like to put together a RFC of improvements for supporting
javascript clients
without using the API, only via HTTP

before putting the RFC together, I would like to know what people feel is needed

my goal is a extension to the openlayers mapguide support to allow
near automatic
registration of a mapguide layer with simply server, map name and if
required credentials

So I propose a new http method which returns a json/xml set of parameters
which are required to initialise a map

to initialise a mapguide layer with openlayers the following

min scale/ max scale / fixed scales
tiled / untiled

is this information cached as these requests might hit the server often?

if this information was written into the tile cache as a json file, it would
be great for supporting static tile caches


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