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Ivan Miličević Ivan.Milicevic at supranet.hr
Mon May 30 02:51:05 EDT 2011

Hello Trevor,

My point is that future of Mapguide is virtually unknown. We, as a developers and software architects does not have insight in "what's next"?

Ok, I understand that Autodesk have a big role in MG development but their plans should be more transparent.

If you turn back a little while, ADSK owned ESRI with releasing MG to the open source community. After that, ESRI made some stunning frameworks who is looking a much better and works faster than the Mapguide. I'm talking about taking a huge steps (implementing HTML5, revamping basics layout design, investing in performance enhanching). TBH Autodesk is losing his second place in WEB GIS platform race.

All extra features that my client likes is implemented by my employees (such as intelligent distance measure, changing map in basic layout, user defining layer style (from web application)).

One of the most wanted feature is "export to DWG". I think that this could be next big thing.

Recently I saw some HTML5 Mapguide example (maybe yours or Traian's) and onmouseover select was pretty impressing.

So, here is my TOP 5 wishlist:

1. Export Map to DWG, DWF, PDF
2. Connect to the Mapguide from Map3D and displaying map with stylezed layers (it is possible)
3. WMS-T for editing capabilities
5. HTML5

BTW, I forgot to mentioned, Maestro is example to follow. Old Maestro was good, Kenneth done stunning job but just like any other software Maestro evolved. Well done Jackie.

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Hello Ivan,

Jackie is dead on.  Autodesk is the primary contributor to MapGuide Open Source.  And since the MapGuide Open Source code base is incorporated into Autodesk's commercial products, they have to be very careful about releasing information to the public.  Autodesk may be prototyping new features.  After prototyping, they may write an RFC if it makes sense to contribute the feature to the community.

To date, I believe the most significant community contribution (non-Autodesk) is Maestro.  With all the work going into Maestro, I suspect that Ennoble Consultancy is funding it heavily.

On the HTML5/flash/silverlight MapGuide viewer, I have been interested in developing a Flash based viewer for MapGuide that would move rendering and basic user interaction client side, work with Ajax and Fusion, and also work on mobile devices.  I have been using OpenScales http://www.openscales.org for a few months now.  It is an open source ActionScript 3 / Flex mapping framework which was originally derived from OpenLayers.

For lightweight maps with straightforward stylization, OpenScales does work across a wide range of browsers and devices (IE8, Firefox, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1).  Currently, it supports a small subset of MapGuide's stylization capabilities.  It will take time and effort to implement the full suite of MapGuide stylization rules using OpenScales.  Being a small consulting company, it is difficult for me to put aside man months of development effort to work on a project like this.

There may be other developers in the community that are in the same boat as myself.  Lots of good ideas and no funding to make things happen.

So what are your clients interested in seeing?  As an open source project, the community can have direct impact on the project if they are willing to fund development efforts.


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