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Have you contributed "All extra features that my client likes is implemented
by my employees"
back to the project?

2011/5/30 Ivan Miličević <Ivan.Milicevic at supranet.hr>

> Hello Trevor,
> My point is that future of Mapguide is virtually unknown. We, as a
> developers and software architects does not have insight in "what's next"?
> Ok, I understand that Autodesk have a big role in MG development but their
> plans should be more transparent.
> If you turn back a little while, ADSK owned ESRI with releasing MG to the
> open source community. After that, ESRI made some stunning frameworks who is
> looking a much better and works faster than the Mapguide. I'm talking about
> taking a huge steps (implementing HTML5, revamping basics layout design,
> investing in performance enhanching). TBH Autodesk is losing his second
> place in WEB GIS platform race.
> All extra features that my client likes is implemented by my employees
> (such as intelligent distance measure, changing map in basic layout, user
> defining layer style (from web application)).
> One of the most wanted feature is "export to DWG". I think that this could
> be next big thing.
> Recently I saw some HTML5 Mapguide example (maybe yours or Traian's) and
> onmouseover select was pretty impressing.
> So, here is my TOP 5 wishlist:
> 1. Export Map to DWG, DWF, PDF
> 2. Connect to the Mapguide from Map3D and displaying map with stylezed
> layers (it is possible)
> 3. WMS-T for editing capabilities
> 5. HTML5
> BTW, I forgot to mentioned, Maestro is example to follow. Old Maestro was
> good, Kenneth done stunning job but just like any other software Maestro
> evolved. Well done Jackie.
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> Hello Ivan,
> Jackie is dead on.  Autodesk is the primary contributor to MapGuide Open
> Source.  And since the MapGuide Open Source code base is incorporated into
> Autodesk's commercial products, they have to be very careful about releasing
> information to the public.  Autodesk may be prototyping new features.  After
> prototyping, they may write an RFC if it makes sense to contribute the
> feature to the community.
> To date, I believe the most significant community contribution
> (non-Autodesk) is Maestro.  With all the work going into Maestro, I suspect
> that Ennoble Consultancy is funding it heavily.
> On the HTML5/flash/silverlight MapGuide viewer, I have been interested in
> developing a Flash based viewer for MapGuide that would move rendering and
> basic user interaction client side, work with Ajax and Fusion, and also work
> on mobile devices.  I have been using OpenScales http://www.openscales.orgfor a few months now.  It is an open source ActionScript 3 / Flex mapping
> framework which was originally derived from OpenLayers.
> For lightweight maps with straightforward stylization, OpenScales does work
> across a wide range of browsers and devices (IE8, Firefox, iPhone 3GS, iPad
> 1).  Currently, it supports a small subset of MapGuide's stylization
> capabilities.  It will take time and effort to implement the full suite of
> MapGuide stylization rules using OpenScales.  Being a small consulting
> company, it is difficult for me to put aside man months of development
> effort to work on a project like this.
> There may be other developers in the community that are in the same boat as
> myself.  Lots of good ideas and no funding to make things happen.
> So what are your clients interested in seeing?  As an open source project,
> the community can have direct impact on the project if they are willing to
> fund development efforts.
> Regards,
> Trevor
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