[mapguide-internals] Strange memory allocation bug on MapGuide 2.4 on centos

Gabriele Monfardini gabrimonfa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 07:49:45 PDT 2013

Hi Jackie,

thanks for your reply

> Noob-ism showing here. Does Linux have anything comparable to SysInternals
> Process Monitor and Process Explorer on Windows? Something that allows us
> see and track file access and open file/resource handles?

in /proc/<pid of mapguide>/fd there is the list of open file descriptor,
i.e. proper files, pipes and sockets.

And I correctly see ResourceHeaders.dbxml, ResourceData.db and log.000000xx
in Library, Error.log and Performance.log, many session dbxml, a couple of
raster files.

I will track the number of opened files but it seems quite low, 2 files per
user session, four logs, some raster files, right now the total number of
opened files is around 100.
I will track this number during maximum load in the morning, but I don't
think mapguide is opening too many files.

> You might want to also check the connection pool status and see if it's
loaded with un-released connections

We have configured a maximum of 100 (MaxConnections = 100 in Client
Connection stanza), with a SessionTimeout = 1200
Performance log shows a number of active connection in the range 25-40,
never exceeding 50, thus I don't see particular problem here, even if we
may want to set a more aggressive SessionTimeout



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