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All the messages generated by the MapGuide server are stored in a
resource file and are easily localizable.

The default windows location is here:


By default the MapGuide server is set up for the "en" or English locale,
MapGuide uses the ISO 639-1 standard for locale naming. 

The "en" locale used by the server is matched to the "server_en.res"
resource file, where "en" is the ISO 639-1 name.


If you want to use another locale you will need to create a new resource
file for the locale you want. First make a copy of the above file and
change the ISO 639-1 name to what you want and then edit the strings
inside the resource file. Then in the "serverconfig.ini" file set the
"DefaultLocale" property to the ISO 639-1 name of the locale file you
just created.





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How can I localize the mapserver text messages?



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