Win2003 fcgi Install Issue and Solution

Andy Morsell amorsell at
Fri Apr 7 19:27:10 EDT 2006

I just experienced one of those maddening installation issues where a 1/2
hour upgrade turns into a couple of hours of banging my head on my keyboard.
This was a Windows 2003, IIS6 and .NET web extension installation.  I
uninstalled the prior version and confirmed that the virtual and physical
directories had been removed.  I then installed the new version opting to
have it configure IIS with .NET.  Upon testing, any calls to the .fcgi
mapagent resulted in a 404 page not found error.  

I finally traced the problem to the following:

In the mapagent virtual directory in IIS, under Configuration, Application
extensions, the .fcgi extension was configured as:
c:\PROGRA~1\MAPGUI~1\WEBSER~1\www\mapagent\ISAPI_~1.dll.  When I changed it
to the long path of "C:\Program
it mysteriously started working.  I checked at the command prompt using the
dir /x command to make sure that the short name was valid, and it all looked
OK.  So, I have no idea why using the long path and filename solved the
problem, but it did.  On this server, I can readily replicate the problem by
substituting back in the short path and filename.

Andy Morsell, P.E.
Spatial Integrators, Inc.

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