[mapguide-users] New Make Package tool is great

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sat Apr 8 15:10:04 EDT 2006

I agree, combined with the ability to specify external resources, this feature makes it a lot easier to manage MapGuide sites.
In the spirit of my kids (never happy with what they've got) I'd like to bounce an idea off the list:
- It would be useful to be able to load packages into a user-specified branch of the repository, rather than at the root.  For instance, I could set up a Library://Original/ and then load the Sheboygan package into that, so it would look like Library://Original/Samples/Sheboygan
- As a complementary function, when making a package it would be useful to have an option to "truncate tree" to a user-specified root.  For instance, if exporting Library://Samples/Sheboygan, the package could be made as Library://Sheboygan.
Thoughts?  I don't imagine that this would be an easy change, but I think there would be considerable value.


From: Andy Morsell [mailto:amorsell at spatialgis.com]
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To: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
Subject: [mapguide-users] New Make Package tool is great

I just used the newly available Make Package option in the Admin tool and it
worked great.  I was able to create a package from a root folder on a
clients machine, download it to my local machine and put it in the Packages
folder and then loaded it through my local Admin tool.  I then checked
everything in Studio and it worked perfectly.  Thanks Autodesk for adding
this ability, it will definately make my job easier!

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