Specify Shapefile Geometry

Rod Buchinski rbuchinski at sylvanlake.ca
Tue Apr 11 15:21:21 EDT 2006

Good Day,


For some reason mapguide is unable to understand the geometry of my
shapefile. The shapefile is a polygon with the geometry information
contained in the 'Shape' field. However when I use the 'Shape' field in
the following code I get an error which states: "The specified object
was not found - GetItem line 115". 


Here is the code:


                                                    $byteReader =

                                                    $geometry =

                                                    $point =

                                                    $x =

                                                    $y =


so what I think should happen here is the GetGeometry function should
look at the 'Shape' field, identify that the shapefile is a polygon,
then get the xy coordinates of the centroid of the polygon which is then
sent to another function which can then  zoom to those coordinates. But
I keep getting the error that I mentioned. Could anyone point me in the
right direction?






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