GPS-GPRS Tracking System

Thushan Abeysekera thushan.abeysekera at
Mon Apr 17 10:37:13 EDT 2006

I am building a gps tracking system where a gps-gprs unit sends information
(coordinates) to a web server. The web server stores all information
received and when requested, it will show the traversed path of a particular
gps-gprs unit on the map.

I just need a basic guideline on how to plot a path on a map.

Create a layer
Plot the path
(I am not sure whether these are the correct steps.)

I also assume that it's possible to create a layer and plot a path on MG
Site "inside" a session, so the information will be kept pivate and
displayed only to the authorised users.

Just by looking at the api documentation, I couldn't find how I could
achieve above tasks.
If someone can point me to some classes and methods, which could do the
above, I would be very grateful.

Or is what I want already there in the example?

Or is there anyone else who has tried out something similar?

Best regards,
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