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Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
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A world file should not be required when uploading via Studio. The
raster load UI in Studio lets you set raster extents manually if a world
file is missing. Even if there is a bug in Studio preventing you from
doing this, you can create a world file yourself using Notepad -- you
just need to type in 6 numbers, corresponding to the coordinate of the
upper left corner of your image, the resolution in x and y, and the
rotation. See also:
For JPG, the extension for the world file should be .JGW.


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Hi Willem,


Yes, you will need the Raster FDO provider, and you will need to create
a world file for the jpg. The world file should correspond to the
coordinate system that you will be using. As mentioned by W Morrison,
there are a few GIS packages that you can use to generate the world


Assuming you performed the canned Windows installation, search for "How
to load raster?" in Users mail list and you will find some additional




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If I drag a JPG file into studio I have an error notification that says:
image has no georeferences. How do I create these? Do I need to install
the raster FDO Provider for this?






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