[mapguide-users] RE: RE: Now a new problem - ODBC connection error

Andrew DeMerchant andrew.demerchant at gemtec.ca
Fri Jul 7 15:22:55 EDT 2006

One correction....you don't need to have the database on the same server 
as Studio. You can have Studio on any computer....but the database DOES 
need to be on the same computer that is running MapServer. (ie. you 
can't be running the server on one computer, and have the database on 


simflex wrote:

>You can put your .mdb file anywhere on your server, from what I read, it has
>to be in the same server as your studio.
>Then go to your c:\program files\mapguideopensource\server\bin\fdo
>Open ProviderODBC (if you are using odbc) and copy that entry into another
>file called Providers.
>Be sure to back up providers first.
>Then going back to Studio, 
>go file, new Data Connection. Follow the onscreen instruction to do the
>You may have done this already. If you have, please let me know at what
>point you are having problem.
>Maybe I can help further. As you can see, I am struggling to get my data in
>the map. 
>Maybe if you can figure it out, you can assist me.
>This is a great forum with great folks doing their best to assist newbies
>like us but we seem to be left out in the cold.
>Then be sure to put an entry in your xml file

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