GDAL Based FDO Raster Provider

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at
Fri Jul 7 16:25:39 EDT 2006


I thought I owed everyone a status update on the very behind schedule
raster provider based on GDAL that I promised a few months ago.  I have
neglected this, and now that I return to it, I find that it is based on
the latest development version of FDO (FDO 3.2) and that the released
MapGuide is based on FDO 3.0.  Doh!

My understanding is that the development version of MapGuide will migrate
to FDO 3.2 within a few weeks, and at that point I will start testing the
raster provider with MapGuide.  However, it seems like it might be some time
before there is a "stock release" of MapGuide OS (and perhaps even longer for
MapGuide Enterprise) that will use a version of FDO compatible with the
new raster provider.  Those with great interest in the latest and greatest
could use the development version, perhaps as soon as a month from now.

I appologise for my own delays, and for the additional delays implied by
this versioning issue.

Best regards,
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