MapGuide Enterprise 2007 API differences

Andy Morsell amorsell at
Sun Jul 9 15:23:55 EDT 2006

As mentioned in my previous message, I got MapGuide Enterprise 2007
installed and running on my development box.  One thing I ran into, which
may help others, is that it appears that the MapGuideApi.InitializeSockets()
and TerminateSockets() methods have been removed from the API.  This might
affect any older .NET based applications where these methods are used.  I
had to go through many pages of my code to make sure this was fixed.
Autodesk's own sample .NET application used both of these methods in the
index pages, but their new sample code has been adjusted accordingly.

I assume this same change will be reflected in the next build of MapGuide
Open Source.

Andy Morsell, P.E.
Spatial Integrators, Inc.

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