[mapguide-users] OBDC - testing connection

Ivan Miličević ivan at ineo.hr
Fri Jul 14 14:49:36 EDT 2006



Here what i did in last 3 hours


1.	I change mz regional settings to United states
2.	Uninstall server
3.	Unistall studio
4.	Unistall server exstensions
5.	delete complete mapguideopensource directory
6.	restart cpu
7.	install server
8.	install exstensions (.net develompment)
9.	install studio
10.	make new data connection
11.	bastard failed again :-(


The dot is again in xml file. See in attachment.


Im reallz desperate now. Im the only one who cant get connection to mdb


Any idea?



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One developer suggested to alter the config to use comma instead of dot.
like the following:



         <gml:pos>1234567,000000 1234567,000000</gml:pos> 

         <gml:pos>1234567,000000 1234567,000000</gml:pos> 



The failure seems to occur somewhere in the code parsing that info and it
gets one parameters when it should see 2. It might related to your language



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