[mapguide-users] MGOS apps not loading

Willem Schwarte willem at giskit.nl
Tue Jul 18 10:01:53 EDT 2006

Thanks for the support! Finally my calls are heard!


I really think the new version is more stable, as far as I can tell from
the enterprise version...






Van: Robert Leeman [mailto:rleeman at eitnl.com] 
Verzonden: dinsdag 18 juli 2006 15:52
Aan: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
Onderwerp: [mapguide-users] MGOS apps not loading


Hi All:


Some moral support for Willem.  I'm having the same application loading
problems as Willem.  I have posted on this issue a couple of times
before and haven't found a solution yet (... if there is one).  This is
a big issue for us, too.


Bob Leeman


EIT (NL) Limited
20 Mercer's Drive
St. John's, NL   A1A 2X1
Tel: 709-738-1638
rleeman at eitnl.com   www.eitnl.com


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	Sure, we already have one online. But the current version is
just not stable enough. We have accepted two new project on MGOS, but
our customers are complaining that the sites most of the time do not
load etc. I have asked a couple of times for a rebuild, but nobody seems
to know how to rebuild for windows. 


	Tried the enterprise version, but the coordinates are off. See
previous posts. We are thinking to going back to mg6.5 because our
clients are getting a little bit stressed about their projects. 


	Willem Schwarte





	Van: Sean Sternfeldt [mailto:Sean.Sternfeldt at autodesk.com] 
	Verzonden: vrijdag 14 juli 2006 19:30
	Aan: users at mapguide.osgeo.org
	Onderwerp: [mapguide-users] Calling All Example Sites 


	Dear All, 


	I would like show the creativity of this group and put up some
more example MapGuide Open Source sites to the "Live Application Gallery
<https://mapguide.osgeo.org/livegallery.html> " on the project home page


	Please share your URL and a short description of your work, and
I'll post it in the gallery. (Would like to see some language variety
too e.g. Germany, French or Japanese etc..).





	Sean Sternfeldt
	Senior Product Manager, MapGuide Enterprise & Open Source  



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