[mapguide-users] The "ideal" MapGuide server?

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Wed Jul 19 12:51:22 EDT 2006

Hi Marcus,

MapGuide doesn't yet compile on 64 bit platforms, so 64 bit is not an
option for now.

The amount of RAM needed would probably depend on how many simultaneous
users you need to support. On a Linux box even 1 gig would work if you
are not loading it up with too many complex requests. 
I can also imagine that certain custom written php scripts might
exercise the mapguide API in ways that can use arbitrary amounts of
memory, but that depends on you really. Also, I have seen some raster
layers spike the memory usage significantly, so that's also a factor.


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I was wondering if there was any consensus out there as to what the 
ideal MapGuide server should consist of.  I know you can have portions 
on separate machines but if it all needed to live on one box, what would

the spec look like?

1. Is a 64-bit CPU (and a 64-bit Linux distro) desirable?  Can MapGuide 
even take advantage of 64-bit architecture?
2. How much RAM?  1GB?  2? 4?  Is it the more the better?  How much swap

3. Any specific mobos or other hardware to avoid?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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