MapGuide Service Stops after sometime.

Sajith S sajith at
Thu Jul 20 00:19:29 EDT 2006

I am new to MapGuide Open Source Server.

I setup the mapGuide Server in a windows 2000 Prof. environment with Ajax
The sample provided along with the mapguide ,Sheboygan is working fine.

Now i am creating my own application using Autodesk Mapguide Studio 2007

MapGuide Server version is

Now i am facing some problems, i created the my own application which uses
SHP files.
Now the Ajax Viewer displays the Map etc. But after sometime after 10-15
minutes Mapguide Server Service pop-up some error which is getting logged in
the event logger. After this error my application stops working if i stop
and start the service then it starts again.

Error shown in the System log of event viewer is given below.

Application popup: MgServer.exe - Application Error : The instruction at
"0x00fcfd2e" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be


Sajith S

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