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Dave Wilson dave.wilson at autodesk.com
Mon Jul 24 10:20:14 EDT 2006

If you are using Apache then there is a redirect for the ajaxviewer in
the httpd.conf file I believe. This needs to be changed from localhost
to your machine name or ip address. Search on localhost/mapguide and you
should find it.


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Hi Adam:
This sounds like the same problem I have posted on a couple of times ...
applications not loading.  While a browser refresh (or sometimes several
of them) will generally fix that session it's not very good for our
users.  We are using Windows Server 2003 with Apache/PHP standard MGOS
install.  I have not tested Autodesk MG Enterprise yet to see if this
problem got fixed there.  Sorry for no solution here.  I just wanted to
reiterate that we are having the same problem.
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	Wondering if anyone has ever got the AJAX map viewer to load on
Windows 2003 IIS 6? I can load map viewer fine when browsing on the
local machine but when I access the same from a remote machine it has
the question marks and a blank map.


	Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



	Adam Herbert
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	AEM Solutions Pty Ltd
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